Wednesday 28 August 2013

Screen Lock Pro

 Screen Lock Pro

Screen Lock Pro, one can wonder, what's the difference? But there is a good technical difference between free and pro.

Why get Screen Lock Pro?

  • Better Battery power and CPU understanding, so it doesn’t interfere with other apps running in device. When CPU is busy doing some background jobs, or the battery is low, it don’t animate, rather just locks the device.
  • Various icons to choose from, which can be used to customize your personalized theme experience.
  • Sensor dependent features, let you do automated work, for locking, waking up the device, or for keeping the screen on when you are busy reading some long content.
  • Smart Lock support for Lollipop and above, which you can use for your convenience.
  • More control on lock sound, by using play sound upon animation start.

Understanding special preferences:

  • Shake to lock: When enabled you can shake the device above a specific gravitational force to lock it down, and shake the same way to wakeup the device. The force can be adjusted using Calibrate shake, the lesser the force the higher the sensitivity. In some practical situations like while traveling shake lock can be fired immediately when you unlock the device, so to deal with this situation you can enable Delay activation, doing so will activate Shake lock 15 seconds after the device is unlocked. When you play games, you generally love to play on landscape mode, and quite often you shake it, so Pause on landscape mode becomes a life saver.
 Similarly you can enable "Shake wakeup" to wakeup the device.
  • Flip cover: It’s a very popular feature among users and consumes very less amount of energy. When enabled, it takes Proximity sensor of the device into consideration. Cover the proximity to lock the device, and uncover to wake it up. It’s very handy if you use a flip cover or a cover to put the device safe.

  • Desk option: To enable Screen on off you must Calibrate ideal position. We like to keep device safe from outsiders with strong password, but sometimes it becomes a headache to put long passwords or we just don't want to do it quite often. Say for example you are reading some content, and need to go elsewhere from your working place and put the device on desk. What happens here? Device sleeps after sometime and gets locked. You can deal with this situation by enabling this feature. When you put the device on desk, screen will go off instantly, but the device will remain in unlocked position, when you pick it up, device will wakeup just where you left it. This feature is quite convenient for busy people, also for those who checks messages or email quite often at workplace.

  • Air swipe: It also takes Proximity sensor into consideration. Just swipe above proximity sensor for a selected number of times, the device will either get locked or just do a screen off depending on your selected Calibrate air swipe option. If you don’t use flip cover or don't like to use that, you can still take advantage of Proximity sensor using this feature. With Air swipe haptic feedback you can get a tiny amount of vibration when your hand comes near to Proximity sensor. It’s sometimes easy to identify how many times you are swiping above the sensor. Pause on landscape mode is yet a life saver when you play games.
 You can also use Air swipe to wakeup to wakeup the device in similar way.
  • Keep awake: Enabling the Movement listener will extend your ability to keep the device awake without touching the screen. You may have experienced while reading some long content in your device, screen dims and gets locked if you don't touch the screen in time. It’s quite annoying and distractive to our reading concentration. To deal with such situation, if Movement listener is enabled you can just move the device a little and prevent it from going to sleep mode.

  • Lollipop and Marshmallow: Although experimental, "Smart lock and Fingerprint sensor" is very useful. If you use this feature, enabling it will let the app support them. It's a kind of workaround so expect it to lock in 10+ seconds.

  • Workaround: Some features like Screen on off don't work alike in all devices. So there are alternative methods to support such features can be found in this category.

  • Services option: When using service driven sensor features we may some time accidentally lock the device. Enabling Home screen only feature, will let the app trigger the lock event only when we are at home screen of the device. (Note: "Home screen only" option no longer works for Android 5.1.1 and above as identification of running apps is not available to 3rd party apps for security reasons). To deal with this situation from v2.9p we have added Accessibility feature which you need to enable for Screen Lock Pro to let this feature work for you. 

Thursday 1 August 2013

Screen Lock

 Screen Lock

Screen Lock, app for Android™, with animation and functionalities you would love. Believe that a good app, is a good friend. So what is the difference from 1000s of other such apps? This app understands your device. Every device is different in one, or the other way. It doesn't metter which type of animation config, or sound volume you set, it just works well. All have a different choice, all have a unique way of liking. This app tries to give you the best as you expect.

Nothing can be said to be fully completed or perfect. Time and experiences with the support and inputs from the community, we will make it the best, of all.

If your power button has some issue, if its in a danger area, if your device is slippery enough, or its a big tablet device, you may want to have an easy control to screen off and lock the device. This is its requirement. This is why, we made it.

This app just locks smoothly, even in Android™ 4.0.x and above, without screen flickering. We have a unique way to let the device, go to sleep and lock down. Let the device love the app :) why to force your beloved device :).

Various options to lock the device:
  1. Create shortcut to screen lock app.
  2. Use the screen lock widget.
  3. Enable in notification area.
  4. Enable shake to lock screen.
  5. Access screen lock, by long pressing search button, if your device has it.

Features it has:
  1. Lock device with one touch.
  2. Animation when you lock (Android™ 2.2 and above).
  3. Vibrate upon screen lock.
  4. Select different vibration strength.
  5. Play sound upon lock.
  6. Use unlock sound.

As a human being, our knowledge is limited. We need every one to contribute to make it better and better and the best. All Android app users, lovers, fans are most welcome to give reviews and suggestions. If you find an issues, let us know. We will do our best and make it free from the notified issue.

Hope you will like and use the app for your convenience.

It's a free app. Help us, and let every one know about it. The more users we get, the better we can make it.

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